We put the player back in the game



It’s no secret that retail has had a turbulent time of recent, couple that with having one of the most cynical customer bases around makes for an awesome challenge.  So when we were asked to revitalise the largest high-street games retailer, GAME, it was a project that very much pushed our buttons and one the inner gamer geeks in us wanted to pwn.

All the key players

An important part of the process was a comprehensive engagement process with senior stakeholders as well as a broad cross section of employees from all levels of the company so that we would get a true picture of the brand as it stood and its future and helping to instil a sense of ownership in all their employees. We also held a series of focus groups to further shape and refine our thinking along the way from a customer / gamer perspective to make sure that what we delivered would create a wholesale attitude change rather than just a superficial visual one.

GAME Workshop

Game, set, rebrand

Armed with our research we set to work creating a visual vibrant approach, pairing bold typography with an intricate polygon pattern that fused the work seamlessly into the immersive world of gaming. We considered the need for comprehensive but flexible rules and worked closely with their brand team to ensure a smooth transition in roll out across their 300+ stores.

GAME Image One
GAME Image Two

Playing nicely with others

One big consideration was to ensure our creative played well with GAME's various partner and publisher brands while still retaining its own recognisable identity. We achieved this with a truly flexible visual style that could be easily adapted across multiple channels from retail, to social to e-commerce. You win, PERFECT!

GAME Image Three

Alive’s creativity and execution is always brilliant. The way they worked through the process from focus groups and concepts, to a complete brand and design language was seamless, and they brought us all along with them.

Yetunde Smith - GAME Group Head of Brand