Creating offline experiences for an online world



GAME came to us to help launch their latest innovation in the world of grassroots Esports – BELONG: the largest national network of gaming arenas. We worked with them to create a name, standalone brand, positioning and tone of voice that embodied a sense of attitude and innovation.

Belong Guide

Tribal warfare

We also created a network of local Esports teams, known as tribes, unique to each venue, to encourage the atmosphere of community and competition.

Neon Signs

Connecting in an offline world

So far we’ve helped them roll out the brand across a network of 19 venues with more planned in the UK and Europe. Because of the wide variety of spaces we had to work with, we devised a zoning system to make sure each arena delivered a consistent experience, as well as being visually appealing to gamers.

Alive’s creativity and execution is always brilliant. The way they worked through the process from focus groups and concepts, to a complete brand and design language was seamless, and they brought us all along with them.

Yetunde Smith – GAME Group Head of Brand